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Auto Insurance FAQ

Basics How Rates Are Determined
What is the difference between life insurance and auto insurance risk?

What happens to me if I drive without auto insurance?

Must I have auto insurance?

Is automobile insurance available for everyone?

What is assigned risk?

Who is covered by my personal auto policy?

Does car insurance remove the worry of a lawsuit?

What is auto insurance?

In general, What affects insurance company premiums?

How does the car insurance company decide my own premium?

What are the typical rating factors?

What should you consider when purchasing automobile insurance to keep your cost down?

I already have car insurance. Are there any ways to cut my costs?

Do auto insurance companies insure the same class of drivers?

Will my premiums go up if I have an accident?

What is a deductible?

Liability Coverages Losing Your Insurance
What are the basic types of auto insurance coverage?

What is the difference between "split-limit" liability car coverage and "single-limit" liability car coverage?

What is the difference between uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages?

Does property damage coverage fix my vehicle if the other driver is at fault and has no car insurance?

What are the typical reasons for which a policy can be canceled?

Can an insurance company cancel my policy mid-term?

For what reasons can a policy be nonrenewed?

Does an insurance company have to say why it canceled or refused to renew my policy?

Insurance Company Claims Information
How can I check the company’s rating?

What do I do if my insurer goes bankrupt?

Why does my insurance cost more than my agent said it would? Is that legal?

The insurance company selected a specific body shop to repair my car but I prefer another. What are my rights?

What should I do at the scene of an accident?

How do I file a claim?

A claim was filed against my insurance company for $15,000 because a person got hurt when I hit his car. My automobile insurance policy only covers $10,000 for bodily injury to one person. Can the company settle for more than $10,000 and make me pay the difference?

What is depreciation and how does it relate to claims payments?

Latest News

A poll of more than 500 Britons with at least 1 000 000 dollars in quick assets and their homes found that 78% thought Great Britain decision to leave the European Union would have a “positive effect” on their financials.
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Almost a year to the day after SRT president Ralph Gilles first introduced – and kissed the fender of – the SRT Viper at the New York Auto Show, the coupe has begun shipping.
Views: 1192 | Added by: Auto-Insurer | Date: 30.03.2017 | Comments (5)

According to last researches, experts assert, that polyholders which live in New York, pay on 55 % more than usually they have got used.

The New York polyholders have noticed, that usual payments which they rally without errors and without delays, have raised on 55 %. Starting on second quarter of 2009, an estimated $8,748 increase per claim has been charged to auto insurance policy holders.

Views: 12956 | Added by: Auto-Insurer | Date: 10.11.2009 | Comments (0)

auto insurance USA Capitol Congress car insurance regulation of car insurance auto insurance industry If to pay attention to meetings which the Congress of the United States spends throughout recent time it is possible to observe of the disorder and indecision in a question: who should declare what role in sphere of regulation of car insurance.

In messages which arrive from the congress, it is said, that the Congress is intended to give to the states the power on acceptance of key decisions in car insurance, especially that concern reforms of car insurance. But there are also such members of the Congress who wish to leave behind the congress key powers in car insurance. However, those leaders of the congress who do not want that the state took car insurance under the control, for today in the majority.

Views: 14046 | Added by: Auto-Insurer | Date: 09.11.2009 | Comments (0)

Latest Articles

Special Auto Insurance. Car Insurance for the Classic car or Modified Car
auto insurance antique modified classic car risk accident claims Knowledge of type of insurance protection which is necessary to you for сar insurance, to you it will be useful for the several reasons.

First, knowing what you require before you will search for car insurance, you will be more adapted to avoid over-expenditures and to buy insurance protection which would not be of use for you.

Secondly, you will be is better prepared the nobility that will be necessary for you from insurance protection, thus, you are protected is better. Presence of correct insurance protection for the classical or Modified car can be more difficult, than detection of insurance protection for an ordinary vehicle. There are some details in insurance of cars which are various for the classical and Modified cars in comparison with insurance of cars for ordinary vehicles. The knowledge of these details can help to receive the best protection for your vehicle and to receive correct insurance protection for you.

Special Auto Insurance. New replacement parts for your classic or antique car. Classic car deserves original new parts
replacement parts auto insurance antique modified classic car risk accident claims high-quality original parts Your classic or antique car is your investment. Sure, it can be pleasant pastime, interesting hobby, but reality consists of that we have a money which we invest in our classic or antique cars. These money, in form high-quality original parts, is utilized in an order to return our cars to life.

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