I already have car insurance. Are there any ways to cut my costs?
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I already have car insurance. Are there any ways to cut my costs?


auto car insurance costs down money company premiums risk coverage 1. Consider your insurance as a backstop against major losses, not a way to pay for minor fender benders. Select larger deductibles, making sure you have adequate savings to pay the deductible amount if you have an accident.

2. Eliminate coverages you no longer need, such as comprehensive and collision for old cars that do not have much value and are not being financed. But be careful. There have been instances where some people dropped the non-required coverages for cars that no longer are being financed when they still had significant value. They then sustained heavy losses when an uninsured driver demolished their car.

3. Take advantage of discounts that might be offered by your company for driving education, safety devices, multiple vehicles, security devices, annual/low mileage, retiree, anti-lock brakes, accident free record, non-smoker, preferred driver, and many more.

auto car insurance premium money cost deductibles discount insurers losses Drivers should exploit all discounts which offer the insurance companies which can reduce cost of auto insurance. The knowledge of discounts can reduce car insurance premiums, can help to make to buyers the best decisions on their auto insurance coverage and to save a few money.

First, the car insurance companies give discounts for especial ways of safety of your car. Certain states will give you discounts for anti-lock breaks. Make sure you know if it is two or four wheel anti-lock break vehicle. Automatic seatbelts and airbags are frequently discounted on your car insurance premiums. In most states, a defensive driver class discount may apply. In that case when the basic driver is more senior 55 years have finished a protective driver's class, the discount can quite be applied.

Some insurers will give you a discount for having multiple vehicles. In some cases, this will only apply if you have two or more drivers. If you have a clean driving record, meaning you do not have any tickets, accidents or suspensions in the last three years (some companies require five years) then you could be eligible for a safe driver's discount.

Many companies will reward you with staying with the same insurance company for many years without any accidents reported. They will offer you a renewal discount. It makes sense, you have carried insurance with acompany for several years, and have not had an accident, your insurance company likes you and wants to reward and keep your business. Some companies honor you with a discount if you had prior limits on your previous policy. They discount you because they understand you are a better risk.

auto car insurance premium money cost deductibles discount insurers losses Conversely, if you do decided to change insurers a proof of prior insurance discount may apply. Most insurers request at least 6 months of consecutive insurance from the previous insurer. If you are a full-time student who meets certain grade requirements and are unmarried and usually under 25 years of age (some states the age is 21) you could be eligible for a good student discount. If you own a home, including condominium, town home, or mobile home, which is used as a principal residence, a discount could apply. If you are a military personnel either currently active or retired from any branch of the US military a discount could apply. If your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft device, a discount could apply.

Consider dropping collision and/or comprehensive coverages on older cars. If your car is worth less than 10 times the premium, purchasing the coverage may not be cost effective. Auto dealers and banks can tell you the worth of cars. Or you can look it up online at Kelley’s Blue Book. Review your coverage at renewal time to make sure your insurance needs haven’t changed.

In addition, keep in mind that the type of vehicle you buy could greatly affect your premium. A flashy red sports car is usually going to cost more to insure than a mid sized sedan. This is also true of vehicles that are on the list of most stolen. There are many ways that policyholders can save on their insurance. Knowing more about auto policies and premiums can help consumers take advantage of less obvious discounts while ensuring that they have the appropriate protection for their vehicles. The last way to save is to assume more risk. If you chose higher deductible on your Personal Injury Protection or Comprehensive and collision coverage will lower your premium as well. The deductible is the amount of money you have to pay before your insurance company begins paying the rest.

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