What is auto insurance?
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What is auto insurance?


auto car insurance cover losses accident penalties driving privileges Auto insurance is a contract with an insurance company that can protect you against severe financial loss if you are ever in an auto accident. Varying types of coverage act as a "bumper" against various accident-related expenses, like liability, medical costs, damage to vehicles, and property damage.

auto car insurance cover protection policy vehicle additional payment It is in the ancient civilization of Babylon, however, that we find the earliest record of insurance in the form of "bottomry." The Code of Hammurabi (c. 2100 BC) sets bottomry, or the advance of money on the security of a vessel to protect against the loss of the cargo by marine perils, at 20%. Traders, whose cargoes were advanced by merchants were thus protected from debt in the event that the cargo was lost. This practice continued throughout the Mediterranean region and was further emphasized in an edict by the Roman Emperor justinian, who restricted the interest money advanced to bottomry to 12%.

The consumer can be protected with various types of insurance protection depending on the insurer buys what insurance protection. Some states demand, that motorists bore an insurance covering of responsibility to guarantee, that their drivers can cover cost of losses to the third people or their property in case of road accident. Some states have more flexible “the proof of financial responsibility” requirements.

In the United States insurance protection of responsibility demands from a polyholder and in general, any other driver of the insured vehicle if they do not live in the same address as a polyholder, and definitely are not excluded on the policy. In case of what live in the same address, they should be definitely covered on the policy. Thus it is necessary, for example, when the member of a family was above leading age, they should be added to the policy. Civil liability insurance sometimes does not protect a polyholder if they operate any vehicles except their own. When you conduct a vehicle belonging to other party, you are covered according to the policy of that party.

In general, responsibility insurance is stretched, when you rent the car. Comprehensive policies ("full coverage") usually also concern a rent vehicle though it should be checked up in advance. Insurance payments of the full review are based on, among other factors, value of a vehicle of the insurer. This insurance protection, however, cannot concern rent cars because the insurance company does not wish to accept responsibility for the requirement, it is more than value of a vehicle of the insurer, assuming, that the rent car can cost more than a vehicle of the insurer. The majority of the rent automobile companies offers insurance to cover damage of a rent vehicle.

Responsibility insurance is offered for a physical injury (BI) or a property damage (PD) for which the insured driver consider responsible. The given cover amount (the motionless sum of dollars) will change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Irrespectively a minimum the insurer can usually increase insurance protection (prior to a loss) for additional payment.

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