What is the difference between life insurance and auto insurance risk?
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What is the difference between life insurance and auto insurance risk?


difference life auto car insurance risk accident claims The major difference between auto insurance risk and the risk associated with life insurance is that, while you can only die once, you can have many auto accident claims. And the details can be far more varied, with losses for things like liability, medical payments and physical damage.

auto car insurance high risk drivers losses protection To people who are considered as drivers of high risk, it is often difficult to insure the car. The age, type of the car which you conduct, all can play a role in acquisition of a label of high risk. If you are recognised as the parent with by high авто insurance risk, you all the same can find possible insurance protection, if you know how to look narrowly at the prices.

Drivers of high risk have received such label of that they have made in the past or because they fall in a category of people who has more than insurance losses than an average. Reception of several tickets for infringement of the traffic regulation, such as speedup. It is possible to consider new drivers and teenagers as high risk and also if you conduct a sports car. While these generalisations can seem unfair, the insurance companies have found, that people in these categories tend to register more than insurance losses than other drivers and consequently they accuse their higher norms.

People auto car life insurance companies risk factors standard and exclusive Whether you know it or not, you - "risk" in the opinion of the insurance companies. If you resemble the majority of people — you not the Olympic athlete, but you do not have serious problems of health — then you possibly, that name "standard risk." People of risk of the standard get qualification of standard norms of the insurance company. If you are in better than average health though, you could be "exclusive risk" and get qualification more low, the preferred norms.

You can change the estimation from the standard to exclusive and receive lower norms?

And is not present. Some things about yours health you cannot change. But there are elections of a way of life which you can make: throwing to smoke, for example, or undertaking steps to lower your cholesterol or to lower your weight so that you became the best risk and have improved your estimation. Each company has own standards, but if you show improvements within a year or two the majority will believe, that the certificate of constant improvement and will consider you for the exclusive status.

Here some of the insurance companies of factors, consider, categorizing someone as the preferred risk. But keep in mind, that definitions of the standard and exclusive risks change from the company to the company.

- What history of cardiovascular illness, blow, diabetes, cancer or alcohol/drugs.

- What family history of cardiovascular illness to age 60, for parents / native brothers.

- Presence of the average, not cured blood pressure which does not exceed 150/90.

- Presence of level of cholesterol which does not exceed 260 (250 for users of tobacco).

- Cholesterol presence / relation HDL which does not exceed 7 (6 for users of tobacco).

- Weight which does not exceed norm limits.

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