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Special Auto Insurance. New replacement parts for your classic or antique car. Classic car deserves original new parts
replacement parts auto insurance antique modified classic car risk accident claims high-quality original parts Your classic or antique car is your investment. Sure, it can be pleasant pastime, interesting hobby, but reality consists of that we have a money which we invest in our classic or antique cars. These money, in form high-quality original parts, is utilized in an order to return our cars to life.

"New Old Stock" or NOS parts are the ultimate way to rebuild your classic or antique car. These parts - the original parts made when a vehicle it has been collected. They - factory parts which can be established to a vehicle, returning it to the original status, it is true value. Unfortunately, the life fact - that these parts become more rare during long time, and even more expensive than earlier. High-quality parts, such as engines or instrument panels, raise in cost every day.

In an unsuccessful situation when your car is involved as a result of accident on road, you wish to make sure, that you have a repair possibility. The majority of standard car insurance policies declares, the car insurance company is engaged in a choice of parts, which will be used to restore a vehicle. In most cases these parts will be less expensive parts which are made recently. These parts while are absolutely functional, can depreciate your vehicle, removing its "original" status.

Stated value insurance on the other hand allows the owner of a vehicle to define not only the parts used, but also and shop of repair which will execute repair. It guarantees, that you receive original parts and also service by those special mechanics which know your vehicle and its history.

It gives you a guarantee, that your classic or antique car will not lose the value even in case of a road car accident. Communicate with the speciality insurance agent today and receive the insurance quote, you will rejoice to that you have did.

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