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Main » 2017 » March » 30 » UK millionaires and billionaires think Brexit will make them even richer
UK millionaires and billionaires think Brexit will make them even richer
A poll of more than 500 Britons with at least 1 000 000 dollars in quick assets and their homes found that 78% thought Great Britain decision to leave the European Union would have a “positive effect” on their financials.
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1 Caleb  
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Part of the problem is we can't even agree what good or bad consequences are!
The very rich now think Brexit is a good thing for them, so the commentary here means that must be bad for the rest of the population. This is being reactionary.
I think the people of this world suffer the very rich and the role of government is to govern for equality and reduce the power of those millionaires/billionaires that influence elections and governments. I believe this regardless of whether they are brexiteers/remainians. The only way to do this is to keep those with power accountable to the people.

2 Jacob  
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Agreed. Weakening and narrowing the reach of government, thereby rendering it more vulnerable to supranational power concentrations, for example large corporations, will not achieve this. Only a democratic but supranational government can fight back against such countervailing power.

3 Jacob  
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Which simply isn't happening. Many people seem to be losing interest in trying to keep the powerful in check. Part of the reason seems to be that some of those powerful people, in the media, are diverting our attention by feeding us trivial entertainment and misinformation. They also relentlessly tell us that there is no alternative to their economic model. The more sheep-like we become, the more we lap up the entertainment and accept their lies, acquiescing and allowing the powerful do what they want. It's a well run machine by the powerful, for the powerful.

4 Michael  
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Fact of life. In a recession cash is king. If you have cash in the bank a recession is the time to buy assets such as buy to let's at a reduced price and increase you net worth.
Not necessarily the best demographic to judge the financial prospects of the country.

5 Ethan  
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Ordinary people think that the path to prosperity lies in growth.
The mind of the uber-rich does not work like that.
For those people, economic calamity can be an opportunity to acquire even more wealth, as long as they position themselves on the right side of the trade.

6 Joshua  
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Suppose they are looking forward to paying even less tax than they do now and having a passive, low wage precariat waiting on them hand and foot as they sally forth from their gated communities to buy expensive cars and watches. Post Brexit Britain - May's Brave New World.

7 Gavin  
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Well yes. It was obvious to all of us with our eyes open that Brexit was a movement promoted by very rich people with one aim - to serve the interests of very rich people and enrich themselves further. Farage and Banks' smug mugs in Trump's golden tower anyone?

8 Gabriel  
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I am sure London will remain a major city; as will Paris and Berlin. But at the moment we are partners with Paris and Berlin. Once we leave the EU London becomes a direct competitor and to keep these very rich people happy to stay here it is likely that taxes will fall. Less tax will mean less money available for the less rich to fund schools, health, police, and other essential services that the less rich might rely on. So the rich get richer; and the poor get poorer. Great Britain will be great, again.

9 Aiden  
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The rich make money whether war or peace, Brexit or not, by playing the markets.
We are already subsidising he rich and their corporations - who only contribute to the budget 5 times less than the people - that will probably get even less.
Who do you think will pay more tax to compensate for that?
Also, imagine if the Russians managed to launder that much money using our tax haves, imagine what out own rich do here.
No wonder David Cameron vetoed all the anti tax havens measures in the EU and that we have Brexit now.

10 Daniel  
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This is only part of the problem.
The super rich like London for its creativity, restaurants, arts, and sense of liberty and "hipness". All things that will wilt under Tory rule, optimism has been crushed in the young, and it is the upward middle classes who most hate Brexit because it is limiting them, restricting education, international ties and cultural exchanges.
A disconnection with government has already set in. The ambitious and outward thinking will vote with their feet. London will no longer be a hip place to do business,the inevitable recession will bring doom and gloom. And guess what the rich will leave en masse.
This is the problem with the hard right, they have no imagination and see things only in hard often psychotic cold facts. The Brexit vote was a vote for gloom and inward looking Little Englander spirit, they (the old, the regions, the unemployed etc) wanted to take Britain back to a pessimistic past, peopled by Ian Duncan Smith and tedious people like him. Farage, May and other old fogies.
That sends exactly the wrong message to the creatives. the academics the likes of Ian McEwan and Uni professors who since the 60's have made this a hip and creative place-it is the cultural wasteland that beckons and that will be as much the undoing of the UK as the economy.
And you know what-the Tories just don't care. Pretty Vacant is the phrase that springs to mind.

11 Samuel  
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I had an interesting chat with a Brexiter friend (2nd generation immigrant) last week.
Up until the last few weeks, his belief in sunny uplands, sticking it to the liberals and immigration control was absolute. In fact, he was very strident and dismissive of any 'facts' that countered his fantasies.
Now he's more subdued, claiming that he 'knows the economy will be fucked', but that it will be 'worth it' - like a recalcitrant arsonist.
He can't explain what will be 'worth it' though.

12 Hermann  
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This is why the publican Weatherspoon, the vacuum cleaner man Dyson, the man whose name I cannot be arsed to remember and who makes sports cars and Arron Banks are so keen on Brexit. Forget all that crap about regaining control or sovereignty or immigration control and loss of identity. It is all down to money. Not the money in OUR pockets. Oh no, that will have to be firmly curtailed to make us all more efficient, like coolies. The money in THEIR pockets is what counts!

13 Alan  
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Hmm not likely. The level of wealth your describing means a few extra or less million here or there won't make a jot of difference to their lifestyle - suggests they have a more altruistic viewpoint than you.
This is just the politics of envy as usual. Dyson in particular is someone we should hold as an example - built a world class company and is now enjoying the rewards. What harm is there in that??

14 Alex  
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Brexit voters were taken for a ride. Little England will be in a race to the bottom, desperate to deregulate the banks and offer tax giveaways to global corporations. Nothing for small business or those without offshore capital. Corporate greed should have and could have been challenged at a European level, but will be actively encouraged post-Brexit.

15 Sophocle  
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Many people voted for both side of the referendum not because of personal gain but because they thought their viewpoint was best for the people of this country. I'm sure many of the rich also did the same. There is absolutely no evidence that the rich voted Leave rather than Remain and no evidence that those that did thought they would personally benefit from it.

16 Abigail  
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Millions of people that voted to leave the EU are going to be bitterly disappointed when the penny drops and they realise they have been sold a series of whopping great lies. It is no wonder that scapegoats are being lined up as we speak.
The wealthy are always going to be fine however the stable, prosperous, safe UK they love to live in is likely to be one of the casualties of brexit. The nation may well break up, anger is already growing, as is poverty.
Just look at the number of people begging and sleeping rough in London now, last night I was asked 7 times for spare change along the small semi-suburban Stroud Green Road. & times, and that doesn't count the 3 people that asked for change before I got on the Tube or the buskers actually in the rail carriage. I guess the wealthy are going to have to get used to stepping over the homeless on their way to the opera, just like the 1980s, and the 1880s too.

17 londonpaule  
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We should join the EU again to solve our homelessness problem. This never would've happened under the EU.
Same as poverty; I mean do you remember those days in 2017 where we were still in the EU and housing was cheap, jobs were plentiful in London and we had that trade deal disadvantaging many non-EU nations.
I miss those 'ignorance is bliss' days.
Those horrible non-London sorts making their point when we were all doing so well. Why don't they just go to the new parks/galleries we replaced their manufacturing industry with?
I guess we could work out how to help non-Londoners but we've been ignoring them for the last twenty years. We may as well fight for special London rights and offer no solutions or perspective, otherwise those pesky others may start working out how to compete.

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