Will my premiums go up if I have an accident?
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Will my premiums go up if I have an accident?

auto car insurance premiums accident risk claims driving Answer:

It depends on the type and severity of the accident, on your previous driving record, and on your history with your car insurance company. In many cases there will be an increase.

auto car insurance company accident deductibles losses discount insurers premiums You want that your car insurance premiums were so low how much it probably. But after you had an accident, your auto insurance rates will rise. You interests, What you can make to avoid or limit to a minimum increase in your auto insurance premiums? The answer to this question depends on the state in which you live, from methods of an estimation of your car insurance company, and also from many other things factors. For example, insurance accident was as a result of your fault or other driver. As a result of failure someone's property has suffered? Someone from people has been damaged? How many accidents have occurred at you in the past?

If this was your first insurance accident

If it is precisely defined, that as a result of your error there was a collision with other car or the property of other person, you can expect, that the increase in your car insurance premiums will occur, even thus, that it was your first insurance accident. But it – not always. Some auto insurance companies can not pay attention to unique accident, especially, if nobody has been wounded and there there was a small damage in monetary equivalent.

Your auto insurance company can consider that your rates steady if you till this moment had the clean driving record and have been insured in the сar insurance company on concrete quantity of years. If it was your first insurance accident, ask your сar insurance company, whether there is at them such policy.

If the accident was not your fault

auto car insurance company accident deductibles losses discount insurers premiums driver Many states have laws which protect you from insurance rate increase when you get to accident in which you were at fault. Unfortunately, even if you have been involved as a result of accident, responsibility for which lays on other driver, there is a risk that your insurance premiums can to raise. The reason – that the car insurance company can consider you more inclined to insurance accidents in comparison with drivers at whom never was any collisions. It is especially true, if at you was more than one collision even if any of them was not your fault.

In general, if other driver is guilty in insurance accident the car insurance company of this person will pay all expenses, and your car insurance company will undergo only to small expenses from your name. But if your auto insurance company is exposed to essential expenses then that your car insurance premiums can increase there are more than chances, even considering that you were not mistaken in insurance accident.

For example, if there was a situation when your car has faced other car after journey on a site of ice during a storm, your level of fault would be reduced because of ice, but your car insurance company should pay repair cost, behind a minus of your deductible. The insurance adjuster could as a result draw a conclusion, that you, had possibility to avoid insurance accident, and you can be carried now to a category of people with higher risk.

If the accident was your fault

At each car insurance company the own method with which help define when and on how many to lift your auto insurance premiums after accident in which you were at fault. Some will insist on additional 40 percent to your base policy. Others for definition of the sum of the insurance award will use difficult internal settlement system of points, grouping you in association with other drivers of higher risk. And if you have additional insurance accidents as a result you will be placed in group of drivers of higher risk.

It is a lot of state insurance departments also have developed the own formula of points, standardising structure of the tariff rate for all holders of an car insurance policy within the state. But the definitive decision is accepted by your auto insurance company, and it defines how many points it is necessary to add to your policy, in that case when you will have an insurance accident.

auto car insurance company accident deductibles losses discount insurers premiums driver If the accident was minor

In that situation when, for example, other driver damages your car behind while both of you leave a parking lot. As a result of the fast review you see, that there is an insignificant damage on each vehicle, and nobody is wounded. Should you and other driver to settle a thing among themselves and not to notify your auto insurance companies on it?

In the event that All of you make decision to resolve this question confidentially it is necessary for you to cover all your bases. It is necessary for you, in this situation that other driver has signed the written agreement in which it specifies that releases you from the further responsibility. In the agreement how there was an accident and that both of you, agree to make also should be described. If you cannot receive the agreement in writing there is a risk, that later, the dishonest driver can assert, that accident was your fault, that you have caused bodily injuries, and that you have simply left from a scene without a stop.

If no other driver was involved

If there was a situation, that you have damaged the car, going, but thus not facing with other car or someone's property you can have a desire not to bring the claim for your insurance on a collision case. In general, your car insurance company wants, that you have informed on all accidents, regardless of the fact that circumstances. But in this case, you can independently pay for repair and avoid increased insurance premiums.

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